Before You Apply

Courses overview

All of our courses are managed by Addict Dance Academy in partnership with Stamford College, University Centre Peterborough or the University of West London. On each course page, you will see which college or university the courses are working with. The partnerships mean that you get access to different services and benefits, including but not limited to digital resources, software, and bursaries.


Addict Dance Academy offers Further and Higher Education courses specialising in Dance and Musical Theatre. The courses offer a mixed genre approach to vocational training equipping students with the necessary skills to work in multiple disciplines.

How to Apply

Addict Dance Academy do not charge you to audition for ANY of our courses. The process for application begins with an application through our website. Once your application has been received it will be processed by ourselves and you will be sent an audition date with requirements of what to prepare. At the Audition, you will have the opportunity to see the facilities and meet staff as well as undertake an interview. If for any reason the date/time/process of the audition needs to change, you will be contacted directly.

Applications are accepted all year round, but please follow Addict Dance Academy on social media or contact us via the webform for more details.

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When applying for a course at Addict Dance Academy you will be responsible for financing your studies. On the course pages, any fees are clearly identified along with the uniform and enrichment fees which are the same for all students.

Full-time courses for students aged 16-18 are free, but the rules around fees are complicated and depend on age, prior learning, and personal circumstances. When you apply for the course it’s important to have a conversation with us so we can assess your circumstances. If you do not meet the requirements for a free place, you will have to find a way to pay the full course fees, which might include an Advanced Learner Loan. For more information on Advanced Learner Loans please visit

If you are applying for the FdA in Dance Practice or FdA Musical Theatre Performance courses then you will need to apply to Student Finance England for funding. Our courses are fully funding by Student Finance England and a discretionary maintenance loan can be applied for to support living expenses.

If you are on our HND courses, you can get more information about funding and fee’s from 

Similarly to the FdA, for students applying for the BA Hons (Top-up, finance can be applied for from student finance.


Each course has a minimum entry requirement, but that doesn’t mean we won’t accept your application. We judge all of our applicants in the same manner and use the audition process to level the playing field.

If you are unsure if you meet the entry requirements, contact us to discuss what options are available.

EU and overseas students qualifications will be matched against the entry requirements using the UK NARIC system.

Some people will not have the minimum requirements for the course but put in a context of experience and training we may be able to offer a place based on Accredited Prior Learning. When you apply, it’s important to make it clear what qualifications and experience you have to help your case for the course.


All of our courses are 100% course work which will be a mix of workshops, rehearsals, portfolios, presentations and writing.

For students applying for our level 3 courses, there may an option for you to resit Maths and English GCSE which will be discussed at your interview.


We want you to achieve! As we are a vocational performing arts college, we know that students want to work practically in their learning. We have extensive experience of supporting students who struggle with academic work. On your application form, please indicate if you have any needs to disclose so we can discuss a plan for support.


The welfare of all our students is paramount and we work closely with a range of partners to help solve a variety of issues. Through our partners, there may be able to offer limited financial support for students facing hardship whilst studying, depending on the course you are enroled. In the first instance, students should speak to thier tutor or programme lead to determine what support is availbe. 


At Addict Dance Academy, we work with a variety of partners to support students whilst studying with us. If you have any long-term medical conditions, mental health difficulties, physical disability or learning difficulties which impact your studies, we will need to discuss what they are and how we might support you.  You will need to disclose and provide evidence of your disability, learning difficulty or long-term medical condition in order for us to be able to provide you with support. Please contact us to discuss how we might help.

If you are a HND, FdA or BA student living in England, you can apply for a Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) if you have a disability or long term health condition that impacts your study. DSA is paid on top of your other student finance and it helps pay the extra costs you may have because of your disability. They don’t have to be repaid. How much you get depends on your individual needs – not your household income. For more information on DSA have a look at the government website

TERM DATES 2023-24


Term 1 September 11th – December 22nd 

Enrolment and Induction dates for each course will happen on different days. This information will be sent to students individually. 

Half Term October 16th – 20th

Term 2 January 8th – March 22nd

Half Term February 19th – 23rd

Term 3 April 8th July 5th

Please note that term 3 does not have a Half Term break


Students moving away from home to study at Addict Dance Academy will need to source their own accommodation. Addict Dance Academy does not manage any accommodation, but we do have strong links with a hall of residence provider in Leicester. CODE STUDENT HOUSING provides halls of residence only a short walk away from Addict Dance Academy’s teaching facilities. We have many students staying in the halls and it’s a daily event to see waves of Addict students walk together to and from college. 

In the city there are many providers and we advise that you should visit them and make an infomed choice. The many providers offer different facilities and services alongside their student accommodation, details of which can be found on their websites or when you vist them. The process and contract details for both providers can also be found on their sites.

In the city there are many providers and we advise that you should visit them and make an informed choice. The many providers offer different facilities and services alongside their student accommodation, details of which can be found on their websites or when you visit them. The process and contract details for both providers can also be found on their sites. 

When you are offered a place on one of our courses,  we may support administrative  process by collecting some of the paperwork for the providers, but we do not control or manage the contract/ agreement between the student and the provider. We will advocate for the students through our team should there be any issues with the accommodation and the students feel they need support.  

It is perfectly fine for a student to choose to live in other accommodation including choosing to live with an extended family member who lives more local to the Addict.  All we ask is that you let us know and keep the details up-to-date.

For students under 18 years of age, legal guardians will need to sign the contract with the providers. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to choose the accommodation provider, although you can speak to one of our team to get some “local”  guidance on areas, transport and shopping / recreation facilities close to the properties. 



At Addict Dance Academy our guiding principle is to offer professional, vocational training and the health and safety of students and staff engaged in that process is extremely important to us. We follow the government guidance and implement measures as they set out.  Throughout the pandemic, we were very fortunate to be able to offer online classes to students for ALL classes – practical and theory. 

Like everyone, we learnt lessons during that time, allowing us to put a stratagy together as to mitigate as much disruption possible during an outbreak of infectious illness. That strategy sets out different plans should there be different scenarios but is based on the following principals:

  1. Health and Safety is paramount
  2. Staff and students must play their part to keep us Covid Secure.
  3. Training must continue

To meet these points, we will continue to regularly undertake risk assessments and reviews of the buildings, consulting with stakeholders at alevels. At induction and through tutorials you will be advised what action to take should you develop symptoms.